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How long will a home addition take?

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A home addition will take approximately 6-8 months to complete. This time frame guideline starts from signing the quotation to job completion.

Time frame guideline:

There are recommended processes and approvals that work together to build your addition. They all require time to provide accurate and comprehensive reports.

  • Survey for site boundaries and plan
  • Engineer inspection and report
  • Council or Certifier approvals

Construction Delays:

The 4 main reasons construction of your home addition can be delayed:

  • Council approvals.
  • Issues with your bank/finances.
  • Speciality material availability, if requested or material shortage.
  • Weather stoppages.

We look after all these for you and have the expertise to inform, guide and lead you every step of the way to building your dream addition whether GROUND FLOOR OR FIRST FLOOR.

To start your home addition process why not call us on (02) 4722 3288 or complete a Contact Form. You can even check us out on Facebook!


It is important for you to speak to your bank before seeking quotes from Builders. Discuss your lending capacity with your Bank and seek a bank pre-approval to help start the Bank loan process. Banks vary in loan processes, it is helpful to learn about these earlier rather than later and the possibility of your addition being delayed due to finance.

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