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Apex Alterations & Additions

Things to consider about a home addition

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  • “Should we move?” OR
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  • Why do quotes vary from one builder to another?

Home addition facts to consider:

A home addition is an investment in your future. Here’s WHY:

Lifestyle; not only will the home addition create more space, thereby giving your family the lifestyle you dream of. It will add value and street appeal to your home.

Financially; it is a cheaper alternative than the option of moving or knocking down and rebuilding. It will also add value to ‘your’ biggest asset.

Stability; building a home addition in the area you love, won’t disrupt your lifestyle, your social circle, your children’s schooling, compared to the expense of selling and the mayhem of moving home.
The knock-down rebuild option can cause emotional and financial strain by relocating the family for the duration of the build.

Home Addition Professionals:

Apex Alterations & Additions
  • Builders can vary in quotations because of different design types, design size, approvals not allowed, reports not included, different materials. The list of variables can alter the quotation dramatically.
  • ALWAYS seek a trusted and Professional Builder who is a member of building associations, such as HIA (Housing Industry Australia) or MBA (Master Builders Association)! We cannot stress this enough. It will save you money and stress.
    A Professional Builder will offer advice and education to help you make an informed decision on what’s best for you and your family!
  • A Professional Builder who specialises in building additions to homes, also uses specialised tradespersons who understand the intricacies and complexities of working with your home, its limitations and your custom design.

Creating SPACE is our business! Creating SPACE to suit your needs, wants and budget is our mission!

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