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Apex Alterations & Additions

How much will a home addition cost?

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There are many variables we consider when building an addition to your home and below is just an example:

  • size of the addition
  • materials to be used, externally and internally
  • complexity of the addition
  • land contours
  • the age and structure of your home

Our goal:

Peace of mind is our goal in the process of adding to your home. This includes providing you with an accurate and comprehensive quote, which forms the basis of a fixed price contract. No surprises!

Building an addition to fulfil your dreams is our aim.

Our path to your addition:

Step 1.

  • Your enquiry will be met with questions to clarify your needs.
  • A Quick Site Visit (QSV) will be booked for you with our Building Consultant, at a time that is convenient for you.
  • A QSV will be approximately 1 hour in duration and will allow you to discuss your needs, wants and budget.

Step 2.

  • If you wish to proceed further, the next appointment will be a full measure up of your home, this will take approximately 2 hours.
  • All the information from these appointments will form our accurate and comprehensive quote.
  • Your bound quote will be delivered to you at another appointment with your Building Consultant and include:
    • 3D coloured design
    • Concept plans
    • The extent and details of your addition

Step 3.

  • If you would like to proceed with your addition, simply contact your Building Consultant.
  • Sign your quote and we will take care of everything from there!

Considering the many variables, WE MAY be able to help with an approximate price range over the phone.

For more detailed information about our process, what we do and offer, go to our Services or have a look at our Building Process on this website.

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